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Shoes for children "Urwis" - Interesting news

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Do you know, that?

  • The most important stage of the children foot growth falls on the period from the birth to the 3-rd year of life. During this time the foot length is doubled and there are the advanced ossification processes. However the feet are still flexible because of the stage of ossification and the ligaments and muscles have not reached the final endurance.
  • Just about the 10-15th month of the children life the walking begins. We observe the changes in the building and positioning of the lower limb.
  • Until the 3-4th year of life a foot has the fat pillows, which mask the foot skeleton. The biggest one is located at the internal side, under the foot elongated arc, that makes an impression of a flat foot. Luckily it turns out to be a seemingly flat foot, the natural physiological stage.
  • Around the 3-4th year of life the fat pillow under the foot elongated arc disappears, uncovering the right shapes of a healthy foot arching. The characteristic feature of a childish feet are widely spread, fan like placed toes, resulting in a foot touching the background on a large surface. That makes the child doing the first steps to feel stable.
  • The child foot is being shaped until the 6-th year of life and during that period is very sensitive to distortions, so the parents should carefully observe this process and in any uncertainty should consult the orthopedist, regardless the child age.
  • The defect of a foot may result in child serious health problems like the pain of legs, the change in walking mood or even backbone deformations.

Knowledge test

    The best walking model for a 1-year old child is:

  • short low shoes to ankle
  • high shoes above ankle
  • decorative ballerinas on a thin sole
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    A shoe for a child should be made of:

  • synthetic skin (ecological)
  • colored rubber material
  • natural skin or a special respiration material
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    The shoe should have an upholstering pad:

  • to absorb the perspiration out of the foot
  • this is not necessary
  • no, it may cause the shoes to be uncomfortable
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    The rigid heel is:

  • a part of a shoe, which keeps the foot in a right position
  • thick skin on a heel
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