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  • Magdalena Łydkowska-AftamienkoWelcome,

    The greatest thanks from our whole family to Mrs. Barbara for all what she has done for us, quite disinterested, just from her heart. We early noticed that the feet of our little child are positioned slightly toward themselves.

    Being anxious we started improving this situation by buying a prevention shoes in an accidental shop with a questionable service. They tried to push an improper shoe to our children’s foot.

    After a while a familiar person has recommended us an orthopedist. Without wasting a time we made an appointment to a doctor, at the same time we were instructed to buy an arch support and the certain rehabilitation lady advised us to make special exercises. That all turned out to be a complete mistake. We lost money and time; the child was stressed and we also were very stressed.

    In the meantime I decided to look for another shoe shop. In this way I finally reached the “Urwis” shop of Mrs. Barbara and it turned out to be the right decision. From those times our child is fine in the shoes from Mr. and Mrs. Noskowicz shop and he walks like a “soldier”.

    Much earlier we have had an appointment to another orthopedist. The diagnosis was just the same like the opinion of Mrs. Barbara. With no doubt the child was healthy like a “fish” and his legs were during the development process, that means the natural physiological condition. An arch support for such a little child was improper, and may result in real bad consequences for a whole life.

    After that visit to a doctor mentioned we were satisfied. The same feeling we had after the purchase at Mrs. Barbara’s shop. Moreover, there is a unique, friendly atmosphere there, making us feel unhappy to leave. The customer was satisfied with the goods, kind service, and he may sleep well as his child has a perfectly well-matched shoes.

    After such a long time we may finally have a rest and we only examine the feet at the orthopedist once a year, not every third month as it has been before.

    Dear Mrs. Barbara, once again we thank you very much and we regret that we have not found you and your shop much earlier. We think we will make up for the lost time, as the feet of our son grow very fast.

    In the nearest future we will visit your shop for the shoes for Spring. See you soon.

    With kind regards!
  • Agnieszka Rakowska MularskaWhere to go for the boy’s shoes? Exclusively to “Urwis” shop. The shoes for Spring bought and happily wear :) Greetings and love.
  • Maria HonorataI would like to thank Mrs. Barbara for help, warm conversation and a lot of time devoted to me.

    Until it turned out that our daughter has the legs deformation I have not put any attention to a shop staff and their experience. From the very beginning I have been buying a prevention shoes for my daughter at many places and during that times I learned that while buying a shoes for my child the specialized wisdom and an experience of the staff is absolutely substantial.

    Coming forward, in another shop in Toruń the young, well looking and kind personnel had the only target task – just to sell the shoes out. It worries me a lot, as such an attitude can be harmful to my child legs and hips for entire life.

    After the variety of experiences with orthopedists we appeared at Mr. and Mrs. Noskowicz shop, where we were advised to consult a right orthopedist who applied a treatment without doing any marketing of insoles (usually above 200 PLN), and without threatening us by the vision of serious surgical treatment of our 2-years old daughter.

    We spent a lot of time at the shops, looking for the reason of our problems, trying to discuss the genetic failures etc, and what to say during the visit to the doctor (that have never been interested to anyone before). The feet were measured and the shoes were professionally matched.

    Mrs. Barbara helped us to contact a shoemaker and a doctor, devoting her own time. She consulted our daughter shoes performance, taking part in creation of right unique solution. I would like to say this shop is friendly for every customer and everyone can count for a warm and kind welcome.

    We must wait a little for the feet improvement, but I am still amazed by the sensitivity and kindness, so I would like to say thank you very much for that all.
  • Alessandra WoszczynaSuper shoes for every child. My own ones have them and are veeery glad. I recommend this shop to everybody! They not only advice you well but also professionally measure the foot and are all nice! First class!!!